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Thanks to all the people who donated to Rural Artworks last year! With your help we were able to cover all of the start up costs, 485.00 was raised through this page alone.

By donating to our non-profit organization, you will be helping up and coming artists and musicians further their career in the creative arts industry. In addition, you will be assisting us to help with worthy causes such as autism, cancer, veteran groups, local businesses and more. We are listed as a Non-Pofrit Organization 501(c)(3) with Employer Identification number (EIN) 84-3416914.

Donate through Venmo

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Donate by check or money order.

Make payable to:

PA Rural ArtWorks

Send to: Gene Sutton, 1594 Treasure Lake, DuBois PA 15801

For donations over $500.00 please conctact Gene Sutton, Executive Director, or by phone: 724-550-6139

Gold Level Sponsors

George Moore

The Gateway Restaurant



Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors

Nancy Cifrulak

Co-founder PERC